About Us


ALL-PRO Bookkeeping & Business Services Ltd. is a Calgary based bookkeeping business established in 2006 by founder and owner Valerie Mellof

 We provide over 20 years of experienced bookkeeping services to Entrepreneurs and small to medium sized business owners in many differnt fileds.

 We customize our services to suit your needs – whether your business requires weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly or an annual bookkeeping service.  Our goal is to ensure your needs are met!

 Our staff includes trained, professional bookkeepers with over two decades of unparelleled experience in both the private and public sector.  We at ALL-PRO are dedicated to producing high quality work for our clients.  We have worked with a wide variety of different business, not only helping with their bookkeeping but also in training in-house staff as well as consulting. 

 We look forward to providing you the best service possible!

  1. “All-Pro Bookkeeping & Business Services is the right choice for many of your bookkeeping needs. Owner/Founder Valerie Mellof brings her years of experience to each job and performs all work efficiently. She is professional, timely and most of all, her customer service skills are unmatched. Solve all of your bookkeeping issues, contact Valerie today!”

    – Ben Beatty


    • Thanks so much Ben for your comments. It’s been a pleasure working with you so far and I look forward to working with you in the future.

      ALL-PRO Bookkeeping & Business Services Ltd.


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