Bookkeeping Checklist


Documents needed for monthly bookkeeping & bookkeeping start-up

•  All Customer invoices (or amounts that were billed out)

•  All cash receipts (items purchased with cash or personal accounts

•  All payables (or amounts paid out to Vendors)

•  All bank statements with cancelled cheques (if business account)

•  All credit card statements pertaining to the business (if applicable)

•  All receipts paid out for materials, office supplies etc (if paid from cash or personal accounts)

•  All vehicle receipts (repairs & maintainance, lease pmts, fuel etc)

•  Any paperwork pertaining to new equipment purchases (over $500)

•  Any payments made out to subcontractors…if paid from business account, please specify

•  Financial statements from pervious year-end  from your Accountant (if applicable)

•  Accounts payable and accounts receivable outstanding accts and balances (if applicable)

•  Employee year-to-date information (if applicable)

•  Physical inventory count (if applicable)

•  Copies of Lease & Rental Agreements

•  Copies of loan and/or Mortgage Agreements

•  Backup of your Accounting files to USB flash drive

»  If you used your personal credit card or debit card for business use, please include those statements, outlining the items used…as these items can be expensed

»  If any monies were transferred out of the business account to your personal account, please indicate if it was for personal use or business use.

To set up a Business Number with Revenue Canada…please call 800-959-5525



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